Our Concept.

We are often asked what makes us different.  Let’s start with how are we the same.  We are a licensed and bonded swimming pool builder just like the other guys.  We design, permit and coordinate your project just like the other guys.  So how are we different?  The answer is our unique business model.

We believe in keeping our overhead to a minimum.  We do not have an office or showroom with a receptionist, tile samples, and display pools.  Our showroom is the hundreds of projects we have built in real Las Vegas backyards.  When its time to make selections, we take you to the tile, stone or concrete distributors locations so you have the selection of everything that’s available.

Our core concept is contractor direct pricing. What does that mean? All pool companies will use sub-contractors to build your pool, and they typically mark up the cost of the subs by 30-40 percent. We charge only for what we do. We design, engineer, permit, and coordinate the building of your project. You pay us for what we do. We don’t mark up the cost of the subs. In this way you know what we make and you benefit from contractor direct pricing. When we design and price your project you will see exactly how much all the features of your project really cost. This makes it easy for you to decide what is important to you. 

We love what we do and it shows.  Our passion is designing and building beautiful backyards.  Whether it’s a simple play pool or a full blown backyard resort we enjoy creating our clients vision.  Bring us your vision and we will make it a reality.

The Beginning
In 2010 when Pool companies were collapsing right and left, we decided to start BYOP of Nevada – we were told our timing was wrong. Passionate that our business model was unique and in demand – we did it anyway. We were just too excited about offering a better, more creative, and cost effective way of building beautiful swimming pools to be reasoned with. Today BYOP is one of Nevada’s largest and most popular pool builders.
What Makes Us Unique
The BYOP core concepts of contractor direct pricing, unbridled creative designs, and experienced hands on supervision have driven our success. The benefits to our clients are proven every day with projects from the simplest pool to the most elaborate custom backyard resort and everything in between.
Our Passion Became Our Business
We are a small group of creative people with skills. We love designing and building people's backyard dreams. Listening to our clients' vision we use state of the art 3D imaging software to bring backyard designs to life. Throughout construction, our amazing designers and talented construction coordinators work hand in hand with each client from start to finish. We see our job as a creative process – starting with an idea and ending in a splash.
Today, we are as passionately dedicated to our clients as the day we started.

Welcome to BYOP

Renee T.
Las Vegas, NV
Yelp 5 Star 2/22/17
"We contacted Bridget and Doug in January 2014 after meeting with roughly 4 to 5 pool companies. I was really at my wits end and just wanted someone to be honest with me and break out the cost of my pool/spa project. The typical pool bid just gave me a base price for a pool/spa combo but didn’t tell me anything else broken out. We had a big project to do and I wanted to know line by line what I would be paying. Bridget came to our home and pulled out her laptop, I was immediately put at ease by her transparent showing of all of the costs. I knew exactly what I would be paying and to whom. Finally! My husband is a very creative man and had a specific design in mind. Bridget actually helped my husband refine some of his ideas and together with Doug, we created a beautiful backyard that is our personal resort. We love hanging out with our friends and family in our yard. We have a BBQ area, a fire pit, two entrances to our pool, a beautiful large spa and an outdoor space that now has Shell-Lock pavers under it versus the slippery when wet tile we had before. lts nearly 3 years since our pool was built and every time I've needed service for various things Bridget and Doug always take care of us! They truly have become like family and Doug even calls our dog Bella his 11Stepdog ... :)"

C F.
Kirkland, WA
Yelp 5 Star 9/16/16
"I am new to the Las Vegas area and extremely happy I went with BYOP. I was a bit hesitant at first because I thought I had to build my own pool. Bridgette my Pool Designer put me at ease and explained the whole process. Basically, Bridgette and Doug (the owner) oversaw the whole project from end to end. I can always count on Bridgette to answer my calls and questions. She truly has bias for action and is 100% professional about the work she does. I couldn't be happier with the results. They even came in a couple of hundreds under budget and finished the project early. Now, that's remarkable in this town. After all the bids I received from pool companies in Las Vegas, I am just grateful I found the best pool builders and designers in to work with."

Stephanie W.
North Las Vegas, NV
Yelp 5 Star 7/9/16
"In this town pool companies are a dime a dozen and their reputations leave a lot to be desired. We were very hesitant at first to go with BYOP because there weren't very many reviews about this pool company. However, we met with Crystal and she listened very patiently to what we wanted and most importantly, kept to what our budget could afford. Within a day or two she returned and presented us with what we envisioned our lifeless backyard could be. We stepped out on faith and went with BYOP. The very next week, we met with Doug, the pool contractor, and he too listened, answered every question and put our minds at ease. From start to finish, everything went smoothly. Not only did we stay on budget, but the job was completed a whole week and a half before the scheduled completion time! Every time I step out into my beautiful backyard, I'm so glad that we decided to go with BYOP. They have made this family very happy. I would refer them to anybody who is considering buying a pool. You will not be disappointed!"

Alicia L.
North Las Vegas, NV
Yelp 5 Star 3/22/17
"Doug and Crystal offer something that is hard to come by here in town. PERSONAL attention and listening skills. Our construction started in December and we filled her up yesterday. The original plan was exactly what we asked for and what my husband was envisioned. They are competitive as far as pricing. Got similar quotes from Hawaiian and California pools. (Within a few thousand dollars) But when it comes down to a 30k improvement to your house does $1200 really make or break a deal? No. What really makes or breaks a deal is the quality of the product and how the homeowner is communicated with and treated. No hard "up selling", no excuses for any questions ... just straight answers, opportunity to make changes to the plans without being over charged for it. Just flat out honest work for honest prices. We can't WAIT to get in our pool."

Jack C.
Las Vegas, NV
Yelp 5 Star 10/20/17
"We absolutely love our pool and loved the easy process working with BYOP. We told the designer Bridget what we wanted and she came back with an amazing animated drawing of our whole back yard and pool. She nailed it. Doug is very friendly. Super nice guy and very easy to work with. My family and I couldn't have been happier with our pool. We love it."